3 Things to Know About Pacifier


When most babies get fussy, their mommies immediately give them pacifiers to improve their mood and calm them down. And while you might know this already, we bet you don’t have enough understanding about pacifiers.

With that, here are the facts about these products:

Pacifiers Can Cause Dental Issues

Yes, a pacifier can damage your child’s teeth. If your kid sucks this baby product until toddlerhood, he might have a cross bite and malocclusion problems. Therefore, it is essential to prevent the usage of pacifiers or help your child get rid of their sucking habits.

Pacifiers Can Easily Attract Germs

No matter how you wash it, pacifiers attract germs. In fact, these products might be the reason why your kid got sick. This is especially true if you don't properly clean your baby's pacifiers.

Newborns Should Not Use Pacifiers

Babies should not suck pacifiers until about one month of age or until breastfeeding is established. These babies products might confuse them, leading to nipple confusion.

Some parents said that there’s no harm in using pacifiers as these can provide benefits. But, make sure to keep these tips in mind as well to make sure your baby won't suffer from any sickness in the future because of these products.