4 Books to Read to Your Kids


Reading to your kids is essential even though you’re busy. It’s a bonding activity that can help your children be imaginative and smart, after all. Don’t know what are the books to start with? Worry no more as we’ve listed some of the best children stories:

The Giving Tree

This book tackles love, relationship, and generosity. It can teach your child on how to appreciate gifts no matter how big or small they are. Your kid can also learn the value of love and friendship from this story. Indeed, this book is a must-read.

Love You Forever

Written by Sheila McGraw, this book is perfect if you want to discuss and show your love to your children. For sure, its lines and graphics will catch your kids’ attention as well.

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish is an arrogant fish that has no friends. Since he is attractive, he highly thinks of himself. However, as the story progress, he realized that no one should judge people based on their looks. There are many lessons you and your children can learn from this story.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Written by Jacob Grimm, Snow White talks about love, hatred and forgiveness. We highly suggest picking the latest versions over the original one, as there are many scenes on the original book that are not suitable for kids.

Sure, you can play an audio book for your little ones but remember that nothing beats reading and spending time with your children before bedtime.