5 Halloween Costume Ideas that will give you the Yummybumps!

Halloween Costume Ideas
Halloween Costume Ideas

It's Halloween time and it's making us scary hungry! Lols!

So instead of looking for the usual costume ideas for our little ones (think dracula or frankenstein), we digged the net for yummy- and funny-looking baby costumes to give you! Check out our Top 5 picks below:

1. Frapuccino Baby - This baby is certainly caffeine-free and good for the heart of mommies who need to stay awake and alert this Halloween!

Halloween Baby Costume
Frapuccino Kiddo. Photo from Pinterest.com

2. Baby-Stuffed Turkey - Best turkey stuffing for Thanksgiving and Halloween Party - Cute Baby!

Halloween Baby Costume
Best Turkey Stuffing - Cute Baby! Photo from Red Tricycle website.

3. Crawling Taco Baby - Any mommy will have a laugh fright seeing a crawling Taco Baby!

Halloween Baby Costumer
Crawling Taco Baby. Photo lifted from Inspiremore.com

4. Baby Burrito - This burrito is not only yummy but lite for mommy hearts (as it comes in baby sizes, lols)!

Halloween Baby Costume
Baby Burrito. Photo from Expatwoman.com

5. Baby Lobster - Now, our most favorite treat this Halloween...baby lobster (and it comes with good baby fats, lols)!

Halloween Baby Costume
Baby Lobster. Photo lifted from Pinterest.com

What's your idea of a good and yummy Halloween baby costume? Do share with us!