Debunking 4 Pregnancy Myths


Growing up, we were taught to believe whatever our grandparents told us. We need to listen to them as they are smarter than us when it comes to life. But do we need to follow everything, especially those advice regarding pregnancy?

If you want to know the truth behind those pregnancy myths, then this list is for you:

You Need to Eat a Lot to Have a Fat Baby

The phrase “you’re eating for two” is the basis why many women eat a lot when pregnant. They believe that they need always to be full, so their babies will be full as well. This is never the case. Moms should remember that the amount of food you need to eat during pregnancy depends on your body and your baby. You need to gain weight healthily and smartly.

You Shouldn’t Exercise

Exercise in front of an elderly, and for sure you’ll hear nasty comments about exercising when pregnant. While it’s true that pregnant shouldn’t perform harsh physical activities, it doesn’t mean that they should not work out. After all, many exercises can relax and make you sweat nowadays like Pilates.

You Need to Be Surrounded by Beautiful People

This one is a classic. Many people will tell you when you’re pregnant that you should only look at beautiful people so your baby will be beautiful as well. Well, unfortunately, this is not true. The looks of your child depend on the genes of you and your partner.

You Can’t Take Medicine if Pregnant

You shouldn’t believe this myth. There are many kinds of medicine that soon-to-be mothers can take. You should just ask your doctor what those are to be safe and keep your baby safe as well.

Here are the myths that you shouldn’t believe mommies. By debunking them, you can make better decisions in the future.