Helpful Pregnancy Tips for New Moms


Hello there mommy to be! We know you’re brimming with a mixture of feelings now that you’re pregnant. You’re happy that there’s a little bundle of joy in your tummy, but also afraid as pregnancy is a new thing to you. To help you overcome your fear regarding pregnancy, we’ve listed the things you need to do:


Working out should still be in your priority unless instructed otherwise by your doctor. Walking, jogging and even swimming can help you be healthier, which is the best thing you can do for your baby.

If you’re still hesitant to do heavy exercises for fear that it might harm your little one, you can perform Pilates or Yoga.

Take Vitamins

Many women think that they need to stop taking any kinds of medication when pregnant, including vitamins. This is wrong. You still need to take vitamins to boost your immune system and prevent getting sick. Just ask your doctor if you should continue taking your current vitamins or If you need to take other meds.

Eat Fish

Eating fish while pregnant does not only help you get all the proteins and nutrients you need, but it can also make your baby smart. According to research, mothers who eat lots of fish during pregnancy have smarter children over those who don’t eat fish while pregnant.

Pregnancy is a beautiful beautiful stage, so enjoy it. Follow these tips as well to be healthy and happy while in this period.