What to Do If Your Kid Pronounces “S” as “TH”


Nothing beats the feeling of hearing your kids talking and saying silly things. It’s a joy to see them growing and expressing their thoughts. However, what if your children can fluently talk but have a hard time pronouncing the word “S”? Should you ignore or address it?

Our opinion is to address your kids’ speech issues. While some children have outgrown it, there are some that find this problematic in the future. Thus, you should solve the speech problem by following these tips:

Talk To Your Kids

You can fix your child lisp issue by frequently talking to them.  Don’t talk to them as their age; instead, be the role model of the correct pronunciation and conversate like how would you to a person at your age.

Go To a Speech Therapy

If correcting your kid’s speech issue is a battle that you fight every day, then perhaps it’s time to consult a speech-language professional. There are many schools here in the Philippines where you can enroll your child, including HOPE Learning and Center for Goals.

Visit a Dentist

One of the reasons why children have lisp issue is because of their teeth. They have trouble pronouncing the “s” and “z” sounds as their mouth and teeth don’t work together. Visit a dentist to know if their teeth are the problem.