Movies Every Mom Should Watch


Admit it: one of the things you'd love to do when stressed is watching movies. Chances are, there are certain films that you'd watch over and over again to feel better.

If you want to learn more movies that you can tune in when you need a 'lift my moment,' this list is for you:

Girls Trip

When it comes to movie that tackles motherhood, friendship, and relationship, Girls Trip should be your go-to. Not only this film is funny, but it also has moral that every one of us should treasure.

Starring Tiffany Hadish and Jada Smith, this movie is a must- watch.

Life of the Party

Who says moms can't be the life of the party? If there's one thing that we've learned from this movie, it's moms should dream and have fun. Melissa McCartney, the protagonist of the film, shows that being a mother doesn't mean forgetting your career and being boring.

Bad Moms 1 and 2

No one is perfect, even your mom. Bad moms 1 and 2 show that every mother has its way of loving her children, and of course screwing up.

Boost your mood by watching these films. Trust us: you'll laugh and feel better, after.