Pros and Cons of Baby Co-Sleeping


If you are considering co-sleeping, it’s wise to explore its pros and cons of sharing a bed with your kids. Read on to learn if this is for you:


You Can Sleep More

Some parents can sleep more after sharing a bed with their children. It’s because they feel safer and more at ease knowing their child is just beside them. They also feel comfortable knowing that they can attend to their babies whenever it’s needed.

You Won’t Be Tired

This is especially true if your kid’s room is far from your room. By co-sleeping with your kid, you don’t have to go back and forth to check your kid. You can easily see if he’s sleeping properly in a minute.


Bedtime Doesn’t Fit Your Kid

All of us have different bedtime, including your baby. If you are too tired and ready to sleep because of your daytime activities, your child might not feel the same way. For this, you need to adjust your sleeping schedule so you can attend to your kid.

Your Relationship With Your Partner Might be Affected

Many parents have a hard time maintaining their relationship when in bed when they are co-sleeping. If you want time for intimacy with your partner, set a day when you will sleep with your kid.

Now, you know their pros and drawbacks, it’s time to decide whether this will fit you and your baby’s needs. and