Timeline of Child Milestones


While every child develops at different paces, there are guides that we can use to observe our baby’s development. Find out the things your child should accomplish at a certain age:

4 Months

Most babies start flipping and rolling over between four to five months. Since they have abdominal and neck strength, they can now twist around. Watch out for those movements and make sure to keep an eye on your child during this age.

7 Months

During this age, your baby is fully engaged with the world. He can smile, laugh, and even mumble some words, such as Dada, Mama, and Papa. She should be able to eat and sit without your help, too.

1 Year

Your baby should be able to walk by now. Give him lots of opportunities to practice walking and strengthen his muscles. Keep your house spacious and safe by removing the furniture and items that can get in his way.

2 Years

During this time, your baby should be able to talk and string words together. He should know how to speak and communicate with you. To improve your kid’s speech ability, read or watch movies with him every day or week.

As mentioned, every child has its development phase. However, if you want to make sure that your child doesn’t have any problems, you can consult your doctor to know why your child doesn’t achieve any of these milestones.